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By registering as an employer on EURES, you will be able to search for CVs matching your requirements and view, save, and organise candidates to make recruitment easier.


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By creating a EURES jobseeker account, you will be able to upload your CV and make it available for search by employers across Europe and much more.


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By creating a EURES internship account, interns will be able to upload your CV and search through internship opportunities whilst employers can submit internship opportunities.


Your First EURES Job is a mobility scheme aimed at helping young people find a job, traineeship or apprenticeship within the EU. The aim for 2015 is to have 5000 young people that benefit from this scheme.

If you are aged between 18-30 years old and live in any EU country you qualify to participate in this scheme.

Under this scheme, national employment services provide information, recruitment, matching, placement and funding – for both young jobseekers and businesses interested in recruiting from outside their home country.

There are a limited number of countries participating in this scheme. Malta is not currently taking part in 'Your First EURES Job' however Maltese youths can apply to go work in one of the 9 countries taking part.

For employers
Companies with up to 250 employees can apply for financial support towards the cost of training newly-recruited workers, trainees or apprentices and helping them settle in.

For further information about this scheme, the list of receiving countries, the level of support available please visit the webpage for Your First EURES Job .


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